About Us

Asado Gaucho

Asado Gaucho is the definition of Argentina’s favourite food: meat. Until the middle of the 1800’s huge herds of wild cattle would roam around the pampa region of Argentina. The people of Río de la Plata, especially the gauchos, developed a real love and passion for beef, in particular ‘asado’ which is beef roasted. The Gauchos would roast the beef very close to a slow-burning fire on a skewered metal structure called an ‘asador’. This formed the basis of the gaucho diet, accompanied with some maté tea.

Lushness, strong, sensual experience.

these words describe the way we approach food.

Team effort to create unique flavors!

Our chef and maestranza dance together to the fire. Maestranza means the team of people who are around you helping. Where we come from, the team supporting the master chef is just as critical to the operation. Our festive feeling about the hard work we are doing guides us throughout the dining experience. We all together embrace the possibility to work in the fresh air with the elements. By adapting to the various conditions of mother nature, we are able to curate to the best of our ability a multi-course meal refined with different flavor fusions.

Food starts with an image. You remember the place, the ambiance, the music, the happiness.

Food comes through your eyes. Our experience is a tribute to the andes, to the Patagonic gauchos who started this tradition and kept it alive generation over generation.

Live a Once in a Lifetime Experience