Which came first? The Gaucho or the Asado?

March 26, 2021

The ritual of Asado is something natural for Argentinians, but it has a long history in a country that they know little about.

It all began under the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, back in the 1550s when the Spanish colonizers landed in Argentina with 1 bull and 7 cows. They found an optimal environment for their reproduction, so much so that 100 years later there were already more than 40 million cows.

In those years, there was no boundaries of private property between the ranches, so there was no way to prove the ownership of the cattle that had expanded through the Argentine Pampas.

It was then that the character of the Gaucho, an outlaw at that time, made use of the cows that grazed freely in the field. They would slaughter any cows they came upon if they were in need of food during their journey through the Pampas. They would fashion a Cross surrounded by stones to cook the meat over flame. This is how the “Asado” was born.

Over the years, the habit of grilling meat remained solely in the interior of Argentina. Typically, in large cities such as Buenos Aires, meat was consumed in chopped form either in a hot plate of stew, empanadas, etc.

Asado and Gaucho become one!

The Asado, as we know it today, and its horizontal metal grill was introduced by European immigrants around the 1880-1890s. Since that time, immigrants have also incorporated dishes originating from their land to the set of pieces that makeup the famous Asado Argentino.

Among them the chorizo, blood sausage, and cuts that the original Gaucho did not consume.

We use the same grill system that the Gaucho has used for centuries known as “A LA ESTACA” or “LA CRUZ”. This allows us to grill over low heat, with an equitable distribution of wood fire in order for the meat to be slow roasted.

At Asado Gaucho, we have mastered the art of grilling to provide the best of ancient techniques combined with new world recipes. Our curated experience digs into our past to bring to your table unique flavors through different courses, meat cuts and side dishes.

Throughout our journey we will share recipes, tips and videos so we can learn together how to master the grill. Join us!

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