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Alamo Pro Grill

$ 2,819.00 

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Our Alamo Grill combines comfort and professionalism in a single piece.


● Diameter of 43.3 Inches.

● Height of 30 Inches.

● Weight starts at 210 LB.

It includes a wooden surface and wheels that help if you want to move it around. Made in noble materials, Iron and Wood. It's the best option if you want to elevate your grilling to a professional level. Made in Argentina.

Accessories Included

● 1/2 grill.

● Griddle Disc.

● Clamp Rack Grill.

● Spiedo.

● Grilling Cage.

● Oval Cage.

● Alamo Cover.

● Wooden Surface - Eucalyptus Saligna.